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U.S. Agent and Registration of Facilities Worldwide
for the United States Food and Drug Administration
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We accept checks payable in US Dollars, wire transfer/TT payments and, for a more immediate registration, credit card payments on our secure system at the end of the Registration Form. If at any time you need to change your registration, simply send us an email and we will do it for you for free.


YES! You can and you must register with the FDA, have your own US FDA Registration Number and have a designated US Agent. Without your FDA Registration Number, your products will not be allowed into the USA and you are subject to civil and/or criminal liabilities.

By logging in, you are authorizing FDA Agents, to assist you to submit the Registration Form with the FDA. We estimate that it should take about 10 minutes for you to complete and review the Registration Form,prior to submitting it to us.




We at FDA Agents, have provided the questions required for the Registration Form for you in your native language. Even though the United States Food and Drug Administration will accept the Registration Form ONLY in english, FDA Agents, will translate the Registration Form into english for proper submission to the FDA.

Once you complete all your answers for the FDA Registration Form (all of the information is required by the FDA), we will review it to make sure the Registration Form is complete, and we will then transmit the information to the FDA using the FDA's proprietary, secure software. For foreign food facilities, we will notify the FDA that FDA Agents, is the US Agent for your food facility, as required by the new US law and legal requirements of the 2002 Bio-terrorism Act and its regulations.

When the Registration is accepted by the FDA, we will send you written confirmation per email of your Registration, as well as your FDA Registration Number (your FDA Registration Number must be given on every prior notice of every single export shipment of your facility's products into the United States.) We will send this confirmation and FDA Registration Number to you electronically through the Internet.

You have a legal obligation to provide complete, accurate and true information to FDA Agents and the FDA pertaining to your Food Facility - either domestic or foreign. FDA Agents, a private company, will submit the registration to the FDA exactly as you have provided the information and responses. FDA Agents does not and will not verify or certify in any way your responses or information.